Cost per thousand (CPM) is a way to measure an investment rate for advertising messages delivered to a potential audience for each 1,000 deliveries. Of course, the "M" in CPM represents the word "mille," which is Latin for "thousands." Whether you are handing out neat advertising pens at a trade show, or investing in print, electronic, or digital advertising campaigns, this is always a wise thing to look at when planning your marketing strategy. The lowest CPM is not always the best investment plan but certainly an efficient way to get your messages out to the masses at your lowest possible investment.

John Benke

John Benke

We are an “Every Door Direct Mail” (EDDM) monthly publication delivered by our local Post Office to all residential and commercial properties in 65101 and 65109. We offer annual marketing plans and strategies starting at only $1,620 per year delivered to over 384,000 mailboxes...this works out to less than a penny per advertising message, per mailbox, at only 0.00421875!! Any and all other plans are always way under 1 penny CPM as well.

There are many other useful methods of measuring your advertising strategies that can be utilized but this is always a great place to start!

What is the current CPM you are investing in with your media marketing methods?

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