Based on the order from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, guidance from Cole County Health Department, and in consultation with Mayor Tergin and Department Directors:

• The City of Jefferson will open City Hall to the public on May 4, 2020 at 8:00am. The lower level door of City Hall will continue to be closed until further notice. Staff will try to limit the total number of people in the lobby in City Hall to no more than 10 people.

• The Police and Fire Department lobbies continue to remain open to the public.

• The Animal Shelter will begin adoptions, please contact them directly to make an appointment.

• Downtown parking enforcement and the Madison Street Parking Garage will resume parking operations on May 18, 2020.

• At this time the City of Jefferson does not yet anticipate beginning to return to charging bus fares; however, staff will monitor ridership and make adjustments as conditions warrant.

• The LINC and various recreational programs and services plans are being finalized