Community Bridges

Building Community Bridges completed a huge renovation project at their facility located at 213 E. Ashley Street. BCB offers community resources and education to uplift and aid the youth in the community in respect to self-awareness, education, entrepreneurship and issues that impact their lives.

Pictured cutting the ribbon with chamber ambassadors: BCB Volunteers/Staff and family, Doug Wright III - Founder, Alicia Edwards - Executive Director. Donors and Construction: Mike and Kathy Farmer

Foundation; Livingston Construction (Chad Livingston); L&S Renovation (Matt Lockwood); Lowe's (Jason Schlup). Partner agencies: Prenger Family Center (Michelle and Matt); Preferred Family Health Care (Drew Moffett). City officials: Mike and Jane Lister; Gregory Butler; and Joshua Dunn. BCB Board Members: Walter Pearson; Mark and Diane Struemph; Drew Moffett and Eric Janeczko.